Live ootheo!


Live what, you say? Ootheo is your life “out of the office.”  We all have to earn a living, but do our jobs define who we are and how we live our lives?  I would say to a certain degree that depends on the individual and how much they enjoy their occupation.   We all know people who are so engaged by their work they never seem to step away from that role.  You probably also know plenty of people who walk away from their job every day as if flipping a light switch, completely stepping aside from their occupation until the next day when they “flip” that  switch back on. Regardless of where you fall in that spectrum, everyone has a life outside of the office (“ootheo”).  For many of us that ootheo time is painfully short and the responsibilities of modern life seem determined to steal more and more of that time away from us.

I have always been fascinated by what we people do with their ootheo time.   At one end of the spectrum, I have friends and co-workers that plan expeditions, scale the highest peaks, or volunteer at their churches.  At the other end of the spectrum, I know plenty of people that are perfectly content to wake up… go to work… go to the gym… go home, eat dinner… watch TV… fall asleep and repeat the next day, every day of their lives….  Now, I am not trying to pass judgement here.  These are lifestyle choices and everyone is entitled (and thoroughly encouraged for that matter) to do what makes them happy.  That being said, if you are the type of person that only takes a day off when Human Resources commands you to use up some of your accumulated vacation days, and then spends those “vacation” days puttering around the house, this probably isn’t the place for you.  You are certainly still welcome, but this website has been conceived with the intent to help maximize those precious hours each of us has out of the office.

So… if you are the type of individual that finds themselves at work daydreaming of your next vacation, next road trip, next round of golf or early morning surfing session… Welcome to ootheo!

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